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Our mission is to create opportunities and provide resources that promote educational, emotional and social well being of Georgia’s foster children. Please join us in our mission to lift up foster children in helping them be all they can be.


Foster Care Experience

Being thrust into the foster care system can be a traumatic experience for a child, even leading to a sense of hopelessness. Their family unit is suddenly disrupted and they are forced to live with strangers. Often, children come into foster care with only the clothes on their back and nothing more. Take a moment and imagine the complex emotions a child must deal with when they realize that their parents, the very people who should be caring for their every need, are the same people responsible for this family disruption. It is a difficult reality to face, even for those who have adequate coping skills. Dream Weavers works closely with agencies to make this transition into foster care less stressful on the child. Dream Weavers will provide the child with everything he or she needs in order to ease this adjustment. 

welcome basket.jpg

Sample of a welcome basket provided for a foster child coming into care.  The baskets are personalized and always include essentials, clothing, a book, and a lovey, along with other activities or games.

Enhancing the Foster Care Experience

Dream Weavers introduces children to fine arts, athletics, and summer camps, as these programs work to forge strong self-confidence and a sense of personal achievement. When a child learns to pirouette, sing a solo or hit a jump shot, the experience transcends the dance floor, stage and court, instilling confidence levels that are immeasurable. In a fine arts setting, expression is encouraged and performance is rewarded. In a swimming class, they acquire courage as they conquer their fear of water. From the various sports of basketball, tennis, golf, and soccer training, a child develops perseverance as they practice and practice athletic skills until they gain mastery. Those who receive funds from Dream Weavers to pursue an artistic or athletic interest now have something that no one can take away from them.


Dream Weavers helps bridge the educational gap for children of neglect and abuse. Foster children are often academically disadvantaged and need tutoring to level the academic playing field. By working one-on-one with an instructor, a child begins to accept responsibility for their own education. As a foster child experiences increased success, they desire achievement in other areas of life. Dream Weavers is both therapeutic and practical in nature. In reality, children of trauma cannot accomplish resilience without external help. Music lessons, art training, athletic coaching, tutoring, homework supervision, academic intervention, counseling, and guidance does change lives. Children who have received sponsorship from Dream Weavers have made great strides in their social, emotional, cognitive, and moral growth. Dream Weavers has enabled them to recognize and reach their full potential.

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