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For Parents:

Each year, more than 12,000 children in Georgia reside in foster care.  They are brought into care for a variety of reasons, including a lack of resources, parental abuse, neglect or substance use. Dream Weavers of Georgia strives to make the transition into foster care and the time spent with foster families just a little bit easier.  Dream Weavers provides each child with a welcome basket that includes some clothes, a stuffed animal, books and other necessities.  We also try to enrich their lives and help them feel a part of their community by helping to cover the cost of sports, camps, tutoring, and other  wants or needs they may have.  We want them to feel comfortable during their time in foster care and strive to help them adjust as easily as possible.


For Children:

All children deserve to be safe, but sometimes their home is not a safe place.  When a child is not safe, they are removed and placed with a family who can care for them and keep them safe until their parents can do that again.  These families are called foster families.


Sometimes, children are removed from their home without many of their own things. They may leave without their clothes or favorite toys.  Dream Weavers uses donations to help provide special items to the children.  We may give them toys, books, stuffed animals, or blankets.  They also may receive clothes, shoes and other important items.  Because we know know much children enjoy sports and other activities, Dream Weavers helps to pay for those as well.  We do all we can to help children feel happy while in foster care!

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